Subaru Forester: Instruments and controls / Tilt/telescopic steering wheel


  • Do not adjust the steering wheel tilt/telescopic position while driving. This may cause loss of vehicle control and result in personal injury.
  • If the lever cannot be raised to the fixed position, adjust the steering wheel again. It is dangerous to drive without locking the steering wheel. This may cause loss of vehicle control and result in personal injury.

Subaru Forester. Tilt/telescopic steering wheel

  1. Tilt adjustment
  2. Telescopic adjustment
  3. Tilt/telescopic lock lever
  4. Adjust the seat position. Refer to “Seats”.
  5. Pull the tilt/telescopic lock lever down.
  6. Move the steering wheel to the desired level.
  7. Pull the lever up to lock the steering wheel in place.
  8. Make sure that the steering wheel is securely locked by moving it up and down, and forward and backward.

Heated Steering Wheel system (if equipped)

The Heated Steering Wheel system warms the steering wheel at a constant temperature.

Subaru Forester. Tilt/telescopic steering wheel

  1. Heated Steering Wheel switch
  2. Indicator light
  3. Heated area

To turn on the Heated Steering Wheel system, pull the Heated Steering Wheel switch when the ignition switch is in the “ON” or “ACC” position. Then the steering wheel will be warmed and the indicator light on the switch will illuminate. To turn off the Heated Steering Wheel system, pull the switch again. Then the indicator light will turn off.


  • Use the Heated Steering Wheel system with the engine running. Otherwise, the battery voltage may drop below the permissible level and it may not be possible to start the engine.
  • There is a possibility that people with delicate skin may suffer slight burns even at low temperatures if they use the Heated Steering Wheel for a long period of time. When using the Heated Steering Wheel, always be sure to warn the persons concerned.
  • Do not cover the Heated Steering Wheel with an object such as a steering wheel cover. Doing so may cause the Heated Steering Wheel to overheat.


  • If the surface temperature of the steering wheel is approximately above 1048F (408C) when the switch is turned on, the system will not heat the steering wheel. Then, the indicator light will continue to illuminate.
  • The Heated Steering Wheel system will automatically turn off approximately 30 minutes after the system has been turned on.

    Defogger and deicer (if equipped)



    To sound the horn, push the horn pad...

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