Subaru Forester: Interior equipment / Accessory power outlets


  • Do not place any foreign objects, especially metal ones, such as coins or aluminum foil, into the accessory power outlet. That could cause a short circuit. Always put the cap on the accessory power outlet when it is not in use.
  • If the plug on your electric appliance is either too loose or too tight for the accessory power outlet, this can result in a poor contact or cause the plug to get stuck. Only use plugs that fit properly.
  • Use of an electric appliance in the accessory power outlet for a long period of time while the engine is not running can cause battery discharge.
  • Before driving your vehicle, make sure that the plug and the cord on your electrical appliance will not interfere with shifting gears and operating the accelerator and brake pedals. If they do, do not use the electrical appliance while driving.

Electrical power (12 V DC) is available at any of the accessory power outlets when the ignition switch is in either the “ACC” or “ON” position. Accessory power outlets are located in the following places.

Subaru Forester. Accessory power outlets

Power outlet below the climate control panel

Subaru Forester. Accessory power outlets

Power outlet in the center console

Subaru Forester. Accessory power outlets

Power outlet in the cargo area

You can use an in-vehicle electrical appliance by connecting it to an outlet. The maximum power rating of an appliance that can be connected is 120 W.


  • Do not attempt to use a cigarette lighter in the accessory power outlets.
  • Use only electrical appliances which are designed for 12 V DC. The maximum power rating of an appliance that can be connected is 120 W. Do not use an appliance which exceeds the indicated wattage for each outlet.
  • When using appliances connected to two outlets simultaneously, the total power consumed by them must not exceed 120 W. Overloading the accessory power outlet can cause a short circuit. Do not use double adapters or more than one electrical appliance.

Subaru Forester. Accessory power outlets


When the lid of the center console is closed, an opening remains between the center console and the lid to allow the power outlet in the center console to be used. Pass the cord of the electrical appliance through this opening.

To use the accessory power outlet as a cigarette lighter socket, purchase the cigarette lighter plug, which is an optional accessory. A cigarette lighter plug is available from your SUBARU dealer.

The cigarette lighter operates only when the ignition switch is in the “ON” or “ACC” position.

To use the cigarette lighter, push in the knob and wait a few moments. It will automatically spring up when ready for use.


To avoid being burned, never grasp the lighter by the end with the heating element. Doing so could result in injury and could also damage the heating element.


  • Do not hold the lighter pushed in, because it will overheat.
  • The electrical power socket is originally designed to use a genuine SUBARU cigarette lighter plug. Do not use a non-genuine cigarette lighter plug in the socket. Doing so may cause a shortcircuit and overheating, resulting in a fire.
  • If the socket is ever used for a plug-in accessory such as a cell phone, that may damage the portion of the socket’s internal mechanism that causes a cigarette lighter plug to “pop out” after its lighter element is heated. Therefore, do not place a cigarette lighter plug in a socket that has been used, even once, to power a plug-in accessory. Doing so may cause the plug to stick and overheat, creating a potential fire hazard.

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    Subaru Forester. Average fuel consumption

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    Subaru Forester. Average fuel consumption

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