Subaru Forester: Automatic climate control operation / Type B and C

  1. Press the AUTO button. The indicator light “FULL AUTO” on the multi-function display (color LCD) illuminates.
  2. Set the preferred temperature using the temperature control dial.


If you operate any of the buttons on the control panel other than the ON/OFF button, the rear window defogger button, the SYNC button (if equipped) and the temperature control dial(s) during FULL AUTO mode operation, the “FULL” indicator light on the control panel will turn off and the “AUTO” indicator light will remain illuminated. You can then manually control the system as desired using the button you operated. To change the system back to the “FULL AUTO” mode, press the “AUTO” button.

To turn off the climate control system, press the ON/OFF button. The status of the air inlet selection will be changed as follows depending on the setting when the climate control system is turned off.

  • When the air inlet selection is in “AUTO” mode, the mode will be set to outside air inlet.
  • When the air inlet selection is in “MANUAL” mode, the mode from before the climate control system was turned off will be maintained.

    Type A



    The sensors are located as follows. Interior air temperature sensor Solar sensor The automatic climate control system employs several sensors. These sensors are delicate...

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    Driving information display


    You can set the units for both the multifunction display (black and white) and the combination meter at the same time. For details about setting the language and units, refer to “Type A combination meter” or “Menu screens”.

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