Subaru Forester: SRS airbag (Supplemental Restraint System airbag) / Components

Subaru Forester. Components

  1. SRS frontal airbag
  2. SRS side airbag
  3. SRS curtain airbag
  4. SRS knee airbag

The SRS airbags are stowed in the following locations.

Driver’s SRS frontal airbag: in the center portion of the steering wheel

A “SRS AIRBAG” mark is located at the pad of the airbag.

Front passenger’s SRS frontal airbag: near the top of the dashboard under the “SRS AIRBAG” mark

SRS side airbag: in the door side of each front seat seatback which bears an “SRS AIRBAG” label

SRS curtain airbag: in the roof side (between the front pillar and a point behind the rear quarter glass)

“SRS AIRBAG” marks are located at the top of each center pillar.

SRS knee airbag: under the steering column

A “SRS AIRBAG” mark is located at the door of the airbag.

Subaru Forester. Components

  1. Airbag control module (including impact sensor and rollover sensor)
  2. Frontal airbag module (driver’s side)
  3. Frontal airbag module (front passenger’s side)
  4. Front impact sensor (left-hand side)
  5. Front impact sensor (right-hand side)
  6. Side airbag module (driver’s side)
  7. Side airbag module (front passenger’s side)
  8. Side impact sensor (center pillar lefthand side)
  9. Side impact sensor (center pillar righthand side)
  10. Airbag wiring
  11. Seatbelt pretensioner and adaptive force limiter (driver’s side)
  12. Seatbelt pretensioner and adaptive force limiter (front passenger’s side)
  13. Side impact sensor (rear wheel house right-hand side)
  14. Side impact sensor (rear wheel house left-hand side)
  15. Curtain airbag module (right-hand side)
  16. Curtain airbag module (left-hand side)
  17. Seatbelt buckle switch (front passenger’s side)
  18. Knee airbag module (driver’s side)
  19. Front passenger’s occupant detection system sensor
  20. Front passenger’s occupant detection control module
  21. Front passenger’s frontal airbag ON and OFF indicator
  22. SRS airbag system warning light
  23. Side impact sensor (under the rear center seat)
  24. Side impact sensor (front door left-hand side)
  25. Side impact sensor (front door right-hand side)
  26. Lap belt pretensioner (front passenger’s side)
  27. Lap belt pretensioner (driver’s side)
  28. Driver’s seat position sensor
  29. Passenger’s seat position sensor
  30. Rear seatbelt pretensioner (front passenger’s side)
  31. Rear seatbelt pretensioner (driver’s side)

    General precautions regarding SRS airbag system and children


    SUBARU advanced frontal airbag system

    Your vehicle is equipped with a SUBARU advanced frontal airbag system that complies with the new advanced frontal airbag requirements in the amended Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) No...

    Other information:

    Subaru Forester 2019-2023 Owners Manual: System temporary stop due to reduced radar sensitivity

    BSD/RCTA temporary stop message due to reduced radar sensitivity  BSD/RCTA OFF indicator light This display appears when the detectability of the radar sensors is reduced. Once the condition is corrected, the system will recover from the temporary stop condition and the indicator will disappear...

    Subaru Forester 2019-2023 Owners Manual: Passenger’s frontal airbag ON and OFF indicators



    Outside temperature indicator

    The outside temperature is displayed on the multi-function display (color LCD).


    The outside temperature indicator shows the temperature around the sensor. However, the temperature may not be indicated correctly or the update may be delayed in the following conditions. While parking or driving at low speeds When the outside temperature changes suddenly (example: when going in and out of an underground parking area or when passing through a tunnel) When starting the engine after being parked for a certain period of time The temperature unit cannot be changed.

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