Subaru Forester 2019-2021 Owners Manual / Seat, seatbelt and SRS airbags

Subaru Forester: Seat, seatbelt and SRS airbags

Function settings and adjustments performed by a dealer




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Subaru Forester 2019-2021 Owners Manual: To hook the top tether

CAUTION Remove the head restraint when mounting a child restraint system. Otherwise, the top tether cannot be fastened tightly. Store the head restraint that has been removed in the cargo area. Avoid placing the head restraint in the passenger compartment, as it could be thrown around in the passenger compartment in a sudden stop or a sharp turn...

Subaru Forester 2019-2021 Owners Manual: Waxing and polishing

Always wash and dry the vehicle before waxing and polishing. Use a good quality polish and wax and apply them according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Wax or polish when the painted surface is cool. Be sure to polish and wax the chrome trim, as well as the painted surfaces...


Windshield wiper and washer switches

The wiper operates only when the ignition switch is in the “ON” or “ACC” position.

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