Subaru Forester: Seatbelts / Unfastening the seatbelt

Subaru Forester. Unfastening the seatbelt

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  1. Push the release button of the center seatbelt buckle (on the left-hand side) to unfasten the seatbelt.


    When the seatback is folded down, it is necessary to disconnect the connector.

    Subaru Forester. Unfastening the seatbelt

  2. Insert a tongue plate or other hard pointed object into the slot in the anchor buckle on the right-hand side and push it in. The anchor tongue plate will then disconnect from the buckle.

    Subaru Forester. Unfastening the seatbelt

  3. With the belt held by hand, allow the retractor to roll up the belt slowly. You should hold the webbing end and guide it back into the retractor while it is rolling up. Neatly store the tongue plate in the recess on the ceiling and then insert the anchor tongue plate into the slot located at the front of the recess.

    Subaru Forester. Unfastening the seatbelt


Do not allow the retractor to roll up the seatbelt too quickly. Otherwise, the metal tongue plates may hit against the trim, resulting in damaged trim.

Have the seatbelt fully rolled up so that the tongue plates are neatly stored. A hanging tongue plate can swing and hit against the trim during driving, causing damage to the trim.

    Fastening the seatbelt. Rear center seatbelt


    SeatBelt Inspection

    To clean the seatbelts, use a mild soap and lukewarm water. Never bleach or dye the belts because this could seriously affect their strength. Inspect the seatbelts and attachments including the webbing and all hardware periodically for cracks, cuts, gashes, tears, damage, loose bolts or worn a..

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    Windshield wiper and washer switches

    The wiper operates only when the ignition switch is in the “ON” or “ACC” position.

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