Subaru Forester: Driver Monitoring System (if equipped) / Inattentive/drowsy driving warning

While driving, the Driver Monitoring System monitors possible cases of driver inattention or drowsiness and warns the driver.

When the inattentive/drowsy driving warning activates, the buzzer sounds and an interrupt display appears.


  • The inattentive/drowsy driving warning operates regardless of the status of the user recognition function.
  • The inattentive driving warning does not activate when the turn signal is operating or when the select lever is in the “R” position.
  • When the pre-crash brake OFF indicator is illuminated on the combination meter display, the inattentive driving warning activates at the same timing as usual even when a vehicle ahead or obstacle is detected. For details about the EyeSight system, refer to the Owner’s Manual supplement for the EyeSight system.

Changing the personalization settings


Inattentive driving warning

When the system monitors that the driver may be inattentive, it warns the driver. When the inattentive driving warning activates, the buzzer sounds and an interrupt display appears on the combination meter display...

Other information:

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Average vehicle speed

Subaru Forester. Average vehicle speed

When units in miles is selected When units in km is selected

This display shows the average vehicle speed since the trip meter was last reset. Pressing the TRIP RESET switch toggles the display between the average vehicle speed corresponding to the A trip meter display and the average vehicle speed corresponding to the B trip meter display. When either of the trip meter displays is reset, the corresponding average vehicle speed value is also reset.

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