Subaru Forester: Replacing key battery / Replacing transmitter battery

Battery: Button battery CR1620 or equivalent

Subaru Forester. Replacing transmitter battery

  1. Wrap a flat-head screwdriver with vinyl tape or a cloth. Open the key head using a flat-head screwdriver.

    Subaru Forester. Replacing transmitter battery

  2. Remove the transmitter case from the key head.

    Subaru Forester. Replacing transmitter battery

  3. Open the transmitter case by releasing the hooks.

    Subaru Forester. Replacing transmitter battery

    Negative (−) side facing up

  4. Replace the old battery with a new battery making sure to install the new battery with the negative (−) side facing up.
  5. Put together the transmitter case by fitting the hooks on the case.
  6. Reinstall the transmitter case in the key head.
  7. Refit the removed half of the key head.

    Replacing battery of access key fob




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