Subaru Forester 2019-2024 Owners Manual / In case of emergency / Access key fob – if access key fob does not operate properly

Subaru Forester: In case of emergency / Access key fob – if access key fob does not operate properly


Keep metallic objects, magnetic sources and signal transmitters away from the area between the access key fob and the push-button ignition switch. They may interfere with the communication between the access key fob and the pushbutton ignition switch.

The following functions may be inoperable because of strong radio signals in the surrounding area or a low battery condition of the access key fob.

  • Locking/unlocking doors (including the rear gate)
  • Switching power status
  • Starting engine

In such cases, perform the following procedure. When the battery of the access key fob is discharged, replace it with a new one. Refer to “Replacing battery of access key fob”.

Towing with all wheels on the ground


Locking and unlocking

Release button Emergency key While pressing the release button of the access key fob, take out the emergency key. Lock or unlock the driver’s door with the emergency key in the procedure described in “Locking and unlocking from the outside”...

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