Subaru Forester: Engine oil / Checking the oil level

  1. Park the vehicle on a level surface and turn the ignition switch to the “LOCK”/ “OFF” position. If you check the oil level just after turning the ignition switch to the “LOCK”/“OFF” position, wait for at least 5 minutes for the oil to drain back into the oil pan before checking the level.


    If the level gauge cannot be pulled out easily, twist the level gauge right and left, then gently pull it out. Otherwise, you may be injured accidentally straining yourself.

  2. Pull out the level gauge, wipe it clean, and insert it again.
  3. Be sure the level gauge is correctly inserted until it stops.

    Subaru Forester. Checking the oil level

    1. Full level
    2. Low level
    3. Approximately 1.1 US qt (1.0 liter, 0.9 Imp qt) from low level to full level
  4. Pull out the oil level gauge again.
  5. Check the oil levels on both sides of the level gauge. The engine oil level must be judged by the lowest of the two levels. If the oil level is below the low level mark, add oil so that the full level is reached.


  • Be careful not to touch the engine oil filter when removing the oil filler cap. Doing so may result in a burn, a pinched finger, or may cause some other injury.
  • Use only engine oil with the recommended grade and viscosity.
  • Be careful not to spill engine oil when adding it. If oil touches the exhaust pipe, it may cause a bad smell, smoke, and/or a fire. If engine oil gets on the exhaust pipe, be sure to wipe it off.

To add engine oil, remove the engine oil filler cap and slowly pour engine oil through the filler neck. After pouring oil into the engine, you must use the level gauge to confirm that the oil level is correct.


  • To prevent overfilling the engine oil, do not add any additional oil above the upper level when the engine is cold.
  • After adding or changing the engine oil, warm up the engine and stop it on a level surface, then start the engine after a lapse of 1 minute or more. Confirm that the warning light has turned off after the engine has started. Refer to “Engine low oil level warning light”.

    Locations of the oil level gauge, oil filler cap and oil filter


    Changing the oil and oil filter

    Change the oil and oil filter according to the maintenance schedule in the “Warranty and Maintenance Booklet”. The engine oil and oil filter must be changed more frequently than listed in the maintenance schedule when driving on dusty roads, when short trips are frequently made, or when d..

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