Subaru Forester: Parking your vehicle / Emergency brake


Use the emergency brake only in case of an emergency. If the emergency brake is excessively used, the brake parts will wear down faster or the brake may not work sufficiently due to brake overheating.


While using the emergency brake:

  • The electronic parking brake indicator light and the indicator light on the parking brake switch illuminate and a chirp sounds.
  • A sound may be heard from the engine compartment. This is the operating sound of the brake that is activated by the Vehicle Dynamics Control system, and does not indicate a malfunction.

If the foot brake has a malfunction, you can stop the vehicle by pulling the parking brake switch continuously.

While applying the emergency brake, the electronic parking brake indicator light and the indicator light on the parking brake switch illuminate and a chirp sounds.

    To release the Auto Vehicle Hold function


    Electronic parking brake system warning

    CAUTION If the brake system warning light turns on, the electronic parking brake system may be malfunctioning. Immediately stop your vehicle in the nearest safe location and contact your SUBARU dealer...

    Other information:

    Subaru Forester 2019-2021 Owners Manual: Jump starting

    WARNING Battery fluid is SULFURIC ACID. Do not let it come in contact with the eyes, skin, clothing or the vehicle.If battery fluid gets on you, thoroughly flush the exposed area with water immediately. Get medical help if the fluid has entered your eyes...

    Subaru Forester 2019-2021 Owners Manual: Power steering

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    Outside temperature indicator

    The outside temperature is displayed on the multi-function display (color LCD).


    The outside temperature indicator shows the temperature around the sensor. However, the temperature may not be indicated correctly or the update may be delayed in the following conditions. While parking or driving at low speeds When the outside temperature changes suddenly (example: when going in and out of an underground parking area or when passing through a tunnel) When starting the engine after being parked for a certain period of time The temperature unit cannot be changed.

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