Subaru Forester: Tires and wheels / Tire rotation

Subaru Forester. Tire rotation

Vehicles equipped with 4 nonunidirectional tires

  1. Front

Subaru Forester. Tire rotation

Vehicles equipped with unidirectional tires

  1. Front

Tire wear varies from wheel to wheel. Move the tires to the positions shown in the illustration each time they are rotated. For the tire rotation schedule, refer to the “Warranty and Maintenance Booklet”.

Replace any damaged or unevenly worn tires at the time of rotation. After tire rotation, adjust the tire pressures and make sure the wheel nuts are correctly tightened.

After driving approximately 600 miles (1,000 km), check the wheel nuts again and retighten any nut that has become loose.

For handling alloy wheels, refer to “Alloy wheels”.

    Rotational direction of tires


    Tire replacement

    The wheels and tires are important and integral parts of your vehicle’s design; they cannot be changed arbitrarily. The tires fitted as standard equipment are optimally matched to the characteristics of the vehicle and were selected to give the best possible combination of running performanc..

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    Average vehicle speed

    Subaru Forester. Average vehicle speed

    When units in miles is selected When units in km is selected

    This display shows the average vehicle speed since the trip meter was last reset. Pressing the TRIP RESET switch toggles the display between the average vehicle speed corresponding to the A trip meter display and the average vehicle speed corresponding to the B trip meter display. When either of the trip meter displays is reset, the corresponding average vehicle speed value is also reset.

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