Subaru Forester: System operation / Engine restart non-operational conditions

To ensure safety, the engine will not be automatically restarted if the engine hood is opened when the Auto Start Stop system is in operation, even if the brake pedal is released. In this case, check the surrounding area and restart the engine by normal operation.

Also, when the Auto Vehicle Hold operation indicator light is illuminated, the engine will not restart.


  • When the Auto Start Stop system is in operation, the brake pedal may feel stiff. However, this is not a malfunction.
  • In the following conditions, the engine will be automatically restarted even if you keep the brake pedal depressed.
    • When the battery is discharged.
    • When the negative pressure in the brake booster has lowered.
  • In the following cases, the length of time that the engine is temporarily stopped by the Auto Start Stop system may be shorter.
    • When the climate control system is in operation.
    • When the outside temperature is high, or when it is low (because the climate control system can no longer maintain the set temperature).
    • When consumption of electricity by electrical components is high.
  • When the engine is automatically restarted by the Auto Start Stop system, the power provided via the accessory power outlet will be reduced. Depending on the connected appliance, the power of the appliance may temporarily turn off.

    Engine restart operational conditions


    Auto Start Stop warning light

    Auto Start Stop warning light (yellow) (type A) Auto Start Stop warning light (yellow) (type B) The Auto Start Stop warning light will illuminate in yellow when initially turning the ignition switch to the “ON” position...

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    Subaru Forester 2019-2023 Owners Manual: Moonroof (if equipped)

    WARNING Never let anyone’s hands, arms, head or any objects protrude from the moonroof. A person could be seriously injured if any of the following conditions occur. The vehicle stops suddenly. The vehicle turns sharply. The vehicle is involved in an accident...

    Subaru Forester 2019-2023 Owners Manual: Oil pressure warning light

    If this light illuminates when the engine is running, it may indicate that the engine oil pressure is low and the lubricating system is not working properly. If the light illuminates while driving or does not turn off after the engine starts, stop the engine at the first safe opportunity and contact your nearest SUBARU dealer immediately...


    Average vehicle speed

    Subaru Forester. Average vehicle speed

    When units in miles is selected When units in km is selected

    This display shows the average vehicle speed since the trip meter was last reset. Pressing the TRIP RESET switch toggles the display between the average vehicle speed corresponding to the A trip meter display and the average vehicle speed corresponding to the B trip meter display. When either of the trip meter displays is reset, the corresponding average vehicle speed value is also reset.

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