Subaru Forester: Door locks / Key lock-in prevention function

Under the following conditions, all the doors will not lock when the door lock switch is pushed with the front door open.

  • The key is still in the ignition switch (models without “keyless access with push-button start system”).
  • The ignition switch is in the “ACC” or “ON” position (models with “keyless access with push-button start system”).


  • When leaving the vehicle, make sure you are holding the key before locking the doors.
  • The factory setting (default setting) for this function is set as “operational”. This function’s operational/non-operational setting can be changed by a SUBARU dealer. Contact a SUBARU dealer for details.
  • When getting out of the vehicle from a rear door, make sure to unlock all the doors by pushing the unlock side of the power door locking switch. If a rear door is unlocked from the inside door lever then the door is opened and closed, the Key lock-in prevention function will be triggered. All doors will be unlocked, the Key lock-in prevention warning indicator Subaru Forester. Key lock-in prevention function will appear and the warning chime will also sound.

Non-operation of key lock-in prevention function

When the system is set so that it does not operate, the doors are locked by the following operation.

  • If the lock lever is turned to the front (“LOCK”) position with the driver’s door open and the driver’s door is then closed with the lock lever in that position, the driver’s door is locked.
  • If the spare key is used to lock the driver’s door from the outside of the vehicle, the door is locked.

    Automatic door locking/unlocking


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