Subaru Forester: Roof tent (models with roof rails) / When the vehicle is parked on level ground

Subaru Forester. When the vehicle is parked on level ground

  1. Roof rails
  2. Roof crossbars
  3. Roof tent
  4. Occupants in the roof tent

The total weight on the roof rails – including the roof crossbars, roof tent, and all occupants and contents in the roof tent – must not exceed either the vehicle’s roof rail load limit (700 lbs (317 kg)), evenly distributed, or the load limit of the roof crossbars, whichever is lower.

Load limit of the roof rail (A).

B + C + D < 700 lbs (317 kg)

Exceeding this load limit could cause damage to the vehicle or racking system. The vehicle must never be driven with occupants in the roof tent. Before the vehicle is driven, occupants and cargo must be removed from the roof tent and the roof rail load must be restored to within the roof rail load limit of 176 lbs (80 kg). Refer to the user manual that accompanied the roof tent for important safety information and instructions on the proper installation and use of the tent.

    When driving the vehicle


    Trailer hitch (dealer option)

    WARNING Never exceed the maximum weight specified for the trailer hitch. Exceeding the maximum weight could cause an accident resulting in serious personal injuries...

    Other information:

    Subaru Forester 2019-2022 Owners Manual: Guidance screen

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    Average vehicle speed

    Subaru Forester. Average vehicle speed

    When units in miles is selected When units in km is selected

    This display shows the average vehicle speed since the trip meter was last reset. Pressing the TRIP RESET switch toggles the display between the average vehicle speed corresponding to the A trip meter display and the average vehicle speed corresponding to the B trip meter display. When either of the trip meter displays is reset, the corresponding average vehicle speed value is also reset.

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