Subaru Forester: Maintenance and service / Windshield washer fluid

Subaru Forester. Windshield washer fluid

Type A combination meter

Subaru Forester. Windshield washer fluid

Type B combination meter

When there is only a small amount of washer fluid remaining, the windshield washer fluid warning light will illuminate. When this occurs, refill the washer fluid.

Alloy wheels


Adding the windshield washer fluid

CAUTION Never use engine coolant as washer fluid because it could cause paint damage. Remove the washer tank filler cap, then add windshield washer fluid...

Other information:

Subaru Forester 2019-2023 Owners Manual: Precautions and tips

CAUTION Use of any lights for a long period of time while the engine is not running can cause the battery to discharge. Before leaving the vehicle, make sure that the lights are turned off. If the vehicle is left unattended for a long time with the lights illuminated, the battery may be discharged...

Subaru Forester 2019-2023 Owners Manual: Child safety locks

Each rear door has a child safety lock. When the child safety lock lever is in the lock position, the door cannot be opened from the inside. The door can only be opened from the outside. WARNING Always turn the child safety locks to the “LOCK” position when children sit in the rear seat...


Driving information display


You can set the units for both the multifunction display (black and white) and the combination meter at the same time. For details about setting the language and units, refer to “Type A combination meter” or “Menu screens”.

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