Subaru Forester: Replacement of wiper blades / Windshield wiper blade assembly

  1. Raise the wiper arm off the windshield.

    Subaru Forester. Windshield wiper blade assembly


    Hold the wiper arm when replacing the wiper blade. Holding the wiper blade, may result in blade deformation.

    Subaru Forester. Windshield wiper blade assembly

    Lock knob

  2. Hold the wiper blade connection by hand, push the lock knob to release the lock, and then pull out the wiper blade assembly.


    Do not use a hard object to push the lock knob. The lock knob may be scratched.

    Subaru Forester. Windshield wiper blade assembly

  3. When installing the wiper blade assembly, align it with the wiper arm connection part and then slide it in the opposite direction of removal to install. After installing the wiper blade assembly, check that the connection part is locked completely.
  4. Hold the wiper arm by hand and slowly lower it in position.

    Replacement of wiper blades


    Windshield wiper blade rubber

    Replace the wiper blade rubber according to the following procedure. Slit   Pull the wiper blade rubber from the right side in the order of (1), (2) and (3) until the slit on the wiper blade can be seen position...

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