Subaru Forester: Parking your vehicle / Parking tips

When parking your vehicle, always perform the following items.

  • Apply the parking brake firmly.
  • Put the select lever in the “P” position.

Never rely on the mechanical friction of the transmission alone to hold the vehicle.

Subaru Forester. Parking tips

When parking on a hill, always turn the steering wheel. When the vehicle is headed up the hill, the front wheels should be turned away from the curb.

Subaru Forester. Parking tips

When facing downhill, the front wheels should be turned into the curb.


  • Never leave unattended children or pets in the vehicle. They could accidentally injure themselves or others through inadvertent operation of the vehicle. Also, on hot or sunny days, the temperature in a closed vehicle could quickly become high enough to cause severe or possibly fatal injuries to people.
  • Do not park the vehicle over flammable materials such as dry grass, waste paper or rags, as they may burn easily if they come near hot engine or exhaust system parts.
  • Be sure to stop the engine if you take a nap in the vehicle. If engine exhaust gas enters the passenger compartment, occupants in the vehicle could die from carbon monoxide (CO) contained in the exhaust gas.


  • If your vehicle has a bumper under guard (optional), pay attention to blocks and other obstructions on the ground when parking. The underspoiler could be damaged by contact with them.
  • The braking power of the parking brake may not be sufficient when stronger braking power is needed (e.g., when parking on a steep slope while towing a trailer).

    Electronic parking brake system warning


    Auto Start Stop system

    The Auto Start Stop system is designed to automatically stop and restart the engine when the vehicle is stationary for a short period of time (while waiting for a traffic light or in a traffic jam) after the engine has warmed up...

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    Subaru Forester 2019-2024 Owners Manual: How to use this Owner's Manual

    Using your Owner's Manual Before you operate your vehicle, carefully read this manual. To protect yourself and extend the service life of your vehicle, follow the instructions in this manual. Failure to observe these instructions may result in serious injury and damage to your vehicle...

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    To ensure safety, the engine will not be automatically restarted if the engine hood is opened when the Auto Start Stop system is in operation, even if the brake pedal is released. In this case, check the surrounding area and restart the engine by normal operation...


    Driving information display


    You can set the units for both the multifunction display (black and white) and the combination meter at the same time. For details about setting the language and units, refer to “Type A combination meter” or “Menu screens”.

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