Subaru Forester: Outside mirrors / Remote control mirror switch

Subaru Forester. Remote control mirror switch

Subaru Forester. Remote control mirror switch : Select side to adjust

Subaru Forester. Remote control mirror switch : Direction control

The remote control mirrors operate only when the ignition switch is in the “ON” or “ACC” position.

  1. Turn the control switch to the side that you want to adjust. “L” is for the left mirror, “R” is for the right mirror.
  2. Move the control switch in the direction you want to move the mirror.
  3. Return the control switch to the neutral position to prevent unintentional operation.

The mirrors can also be adjusted manually.


  • For models with memory function:
  • The outside mirror can be adjusted for approximately 45 seconds after the following conditions are met.
    • The ignition switch is turned to the “OFF” position.
    • The door is unlocked using the access key fob.
  • The outside mirror angle can be registered with button “1”, “2” or each of the key fobs.
  • For details, refer to “Memory function (driver’s seat – if equipped)”.
  • The outside mirror angle can also be retrieved with the Driver Monitoring System user information. To do so, perform user registration in the Driver Monitoring System settings. Refer to “Driver Monitoring System settings”.

    Convex mirror (passenger side)


    Reverse tilt-down feature (if equipped)

    When backing up the vehicle, the front passenger’s side outside mirrors will turn downward automatically to provide better rear visibility. Push the ignition switch to the ON position...

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    Warning screen

    Subaru Forester. Warning screen

    Example of warning

    If there is a warning message or a maintenance notification, it will appear on this screen. Take the appropriate actions based on the messages indicated.

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