Subaru Forester: Exterior care / Waxing and polishing

Always wash and dry the vehicle before waxing and polishing.

Use a good quality polish and wax and apply them according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Wax or polish when the painted surface is cool.

Be sure to polish and wax the chrome trim, as well as the painted surfaces. Loss of wax on a painted surface leads to loss of the original luster and also quickens the deterioration of the surface. It is recommended that a coat of wax be applied at least once a month, or whenever the surface no longer repels water.

If the appearance of the paint has diminished to the point where the luster or tone cannot be restored, lightly polish the surface with a fine-grained compound. Never polish just the affected area, but include the surrounding area as well. Always polish in only one direction. A No. 2000 grain compound is recommended. Never use a coarse-grained compound. Coarsegrained compounds have a smaller grainsize number and could damage the paint. After polishing with a compound, coat with wax to restore the original luster. Frequent polishing with a compound or an incorrect polishing technique will result in removing the paint layer and exposing the undercoat. When in doubt, it is always best to contact your SUBARU dealer or an auto paint specialist.


Do not use any agents with organic solvents on the surface of the bulb assembly cover. However, if a polish or wax with organic solvents is applied to the cover surface, completely wipe off the polish or wax. Otherwise, the cover surface may be damaged.


  • Be careful not to block the windshield washer nozzles with wax when waxing the vehicle.
  • Do not wipe the rear view camera with alcohol, benzine or paint thinner. Otherwise, discoloration may occur. To remove contamination, wipe the camera with a cloth moistened with diluted neutral detergent and then wipe it with a soft, dry cloth.
  • When waxing the vehicle, be careful not to apply the wax to the rear view camera. If it comes in contact with the camera, moisten a clean cloth with diluted neutral detergent to remove the wax.

    Using a warm water washer


    Cleaning alloy wheels

    Promptly wipe the alloy wheels clean of any kind of grime or agent. If dirt is left on too long, it may be difficult to clean off. Do not use soap containing grit to clean the wheels...

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