Subaru Forester: Keys and doors / Windows


To avoid serious personal injury caused by entrapment, always conform to the following instructions without exception.

  • When operating the power windows, be extremely careful to prevent anyone’s body parts or any other objects from being caught in the window.
  • Always lock the passengers’ windows using the lock switch when children are riding in the vehicle.
  • Always carry the key when you leave the vehicle for safety reasons and never allow an unattended child to remain in the vehicle. Failure to follow this procedure could result in injury to a child operating the power window.


  •  If the power window system detects resistance, an impact or abnormality, the window operation may be automatically stopped to prevent further jamming, entrapment or malfunction.
    • The closing window slides down slightly and stops.
    • The opening window stops sliding down.
  • The power window system may detect resistance, an impact or an abnormality in the following cases.
    • A substantial sized object is caught between the window and the window frame.
    • A foreign object is caught between the window and the window frame.
    • The vehicle drives over a deep pothole.
  • The window cannot be closed for a few seconds after the window is automatically stopped by the system.

Child safety locks

Each rear door has a child safety lock. When the child safety lock lever is in the lock position, the door cannot be opened from the inside. The door can only be opened from the outside. WARNING Always turn the child safety locks to the “LOCK” position when children sit in the rear seat. ..

Power window operation


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Average fuel consumption

Subaru Forester. Average fuel consumption

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Subaru Forester. Average fuel consumption


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