Subaru Forester: Windshield wiper and washer switches / Windshield wipers

Subaru Forester. Windshield wipers

Subaru Forester. Windshield wipers / MIST: Mist (for a single wipe)

Subaru Forester. Windshield wipers / OFF: Off

Subaru Forester. Windshield wipers / INT: Intermittent

Subaru Forester. Windshield wipers / LO: Low speed

Subaru Forester. Windshield wipers / HI: High speed

To turn the wipers on, push the wiper control lever down.

To turn the wipers off, return the lever to the Subaru Forester. Windshield wipers position.

For a single wipe of the wipers, push the lever up. The wipers operate until you release the lever.

    Windshield wiper and washer switches


    Wiper intermittent time control

    When the wiper switch is in the position, turn the dial to adjust the operating interval of the wiper. The operating interval can be adjusted in several steps from the shortest interval to the longest...

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    Subaru Forester 2019-2023 Owners Manual: Armrest (if equipped)

    To lower the armrest, pull down the top edge of the armrest. WARNING To avoid serious injury, passengers must never sit on the center armrest. When using the seatbelt, do not allow it to become tangled with an arm rest. The seatbelt will not perform its original function in an emergency and it may cause a serious injury...

    Subaru Forester 2019-2023 Owners Manual: Continuously variable transmission features

    The continuously variable transmission is electronically controlled and provides an infinite number of forward speeds and 1 reverse speed. It also has a manual mode or an “L” position. NOTE When the engine coolant temperature is still low, the transmission will shift at higher engine speeds than when the coolant temperature is sufficiently high in order to shorten the warm-up time and improve driveability...


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