Subaru Forester: System operation / Non-operational conditions

In any of the following cases, the Auto Start Stop system will not operate.

  • When the Auto Start Stop warning light/ Auto Start Stop OFF indicator light (yellow) is illuminating or flashing.
  • When the malfunction indicator light (Check Engine light) is illuminating.
  • The electronic parking brake is applied.
  • When the engine hood is opened.
  • When the vehicle is at an altitude of more than approximately 10,000 ft (3,000 m).
  • When the CVT fluid is not sufficiently warmed up.
  • When the temperature of the CVT fluid is abnormally high.
  • When the vehicle battery is not in good condition.
  • When using the climate control system, the temperature difference between the setting temperature and the temperature inside the vehicle is significant.
  • When using the climate control system, the amount of air flow is significant.


The Auto Start Stop system may not operate if the malfunction indicator light (Check Engine light) or other warning lights on the combination meter are illuminating or flashing.

    Operational conditions


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