Subaru Forester: Remote engine start system (dealer option) / Remote engine starter transceiver (fob)

Subaru Forester. Remote engine starter transceiver (fob)

  1. Fob button

Remote engine start system (dealer option)


Starting the engine

NOTE All vehicle doors (including rear gate) and the engine hood must be closed prior to activating the remote engine start system. Any open entry point will prevent starting or cause the engine to stop...

Other information:

Subaru Forester 2019-2022 Owners Manual: Catalytic converter

The catalytic converter is installed in the exhaust system. It serves as a catalyst to reduce HC, CO and NOx in exhaust gases, thus providing cleaner exhaust. To avoid damage to the catalytic converter: Use only unleaded fuel. Even a small amount of leaded fuel will damage the catalytic converter...

Subaru Forester 2019-2022 Owners Manual: Daytime running light system

WARNING When the daytime running lights are illuminated, the tail lights do not illuminate. When it becomes dark outside, turn the light switch to the position to illuminate the headlights and tail lights. This will improve visibility and allow other drivers to see your vehicle more easily...


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