Subaru Forester: Interior equipment / Cargo area cover (if equipped)

The cargo area cover is provided for covering the cargo area and to protect its contents from direct sunlight. This cover is detachable to make room for additional cargo.

Shopping bag hook


Using the cover

To extend the cover, pull the end of the cover out of the housing, then insert its hooks into the catches as shown. To rewind it, unhook it from the catches and it will rewind automatically...

Other information:

Subaru Forester 2019-2021 Owners Manual: Update User Settings

Select “Update User Settings” from the 2nd menu in the settings screen. Refer to “Setting screen”. Select “Set” to re-register the driver position. Select “Go Back” to return to the previous screen.NOTE Start the user registration after adjusting the seat position, outside mirror angle, and reverse tilt-down outside mirror angle...

Subaru Forester 2019-2021 Owners Manual: Auto Start Stop warning light/Auto Start Stop OFF indicator light (yellow)

Auto Start Stop warning light (yellow) CAUTION If the Auto Start Stop warning light is flashing in yellow, there may be a malfunction in the Auto Start Stop system. We recommend that you have your vehicle inspected at a SUBARU authorized dealer as soon as possible...


Setting the clock manually

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