Subaru Forester 2019-2023 Owners Manual / Instruments and controls / Combination meter display (color LCD) (if equipped)

Subaru Forester: Instruments and controls / Combination meter display (color LCD) (if equipped)


Always pay adequate attention to safe driving when operating the combination meter display (color LCD) while the vehicle is in motion. When operation of the combination meter display (color LCD) interferes with your ability to concentrate on driving, stop the vehicle before performing operations on the screen. Also, do not concentrate on the display while driving. Doing so may cause you to look away from the road and could result in an accident.

Various information will be shown on the combination meter display (color LCD). Also, a warning message will appear on the display if a malfunction is detected. In addition, several settings for the displayed content can be performed.

Subaru Forester. Combination meter display (color LCD) (if equipped)

Combination meter display (color LCD)

  1. ECO gauge (Refer to “ECO gauge”)
  2. Warning screen (Refer to “Warning screen”)/Basic screen (Refer to “Basic screens”)
  3. EyeSight screen
  4. Telltale screen (Refer to “Telltale screen”)
  5. Select lever/gear position indicator (Refer to “Select lever/gear position indicator”)
  6. X-MODE indicator (if equipped) (Refer to “X-MODE indicator light”) SIDRIVE indicator (Refer to “SI-DRIVE indicator light”)
  7. Odometer (Refer to “Odometer”)/Double trip meter (Refer to “Double trip meter”)
  8. Fuel gauge (Refer to “Fuel gauge”)
  1. Deactivating the EyeSight system
  2. Activating the EyeSight system

Icy road surface warning light (if equipped)


Basic operation

Control switch (Up) /SET (Enter) (Down) By operating “” or “” of the control switch, the screens and selection items can be switched...

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Setting the clock manually

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