Subaru Forester: Keyless access with push-button start system (if equipped) / Power saving function of access key fob

This function stops the access key fob from receiving signals and helps minimize the battery consumption of the access key fob. 1. Press the Subaru Forester. Power saving function of access key fob button twice while holding the Subaru Forester. Power saving function of access key fob button.

  1. Subaru Forester. Power saving function of access key fob

    1. LED indicator
  2. Confirm that the LED indicator blinks 4 times to notify that the setting is complete. When the access key fob is in the power save mode, the keyless access function and push-button start system will not be available.

To cancel the power save mode, press one of the buttons on the access key fob.

    Power saving function


    Disabling keyless access function

    WARNING If you wear an implanted pacemaker or an implanted defibrillator, perform the procedure described in “By operating the driver’s door” to disable the keyless access function...

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    Clock/date screen

    Subaru Forester. Clock/date screen

    The time and date are displayed. You can adjust the time and date. For details, refer to “Clock”.

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